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IT Word of Opportunities

When we open our eyes our hand automatically moves towards phone to check friend’s wishes messages etc. Or it is not so wrong if I say Information Technology fully dissolved in our life without it’s very hard to live for a minute. Now a...

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Follow Your Intuition

Life is full of surprises; usually life turns on the path on which we never imagined. But we are living being with heart and our most of the decisions are causable or as per our internal wish. Successful people know this properly but most...

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You are what you belief

The most important quality you can ever develop is having belief in yourself. The belief that you can, without a shadow of a doubt achieve success in every area of your life… Virtually every person has the capacity to do wonderful things with his/her...

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Advance Electronics Gadgets

Due to rapid changes in technologies, dependency on smart phones, laptops, notepad and on mobile gadgets exponentially increase but on the other side augmentation in power sources for mobile gadgets are not in right proportion. Some energy sources are proposed to achieve power requirement...

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When B become C & C Become B

Can B2C (Business to Customer) fundas we have lived with, really be applied B2B (Business to Business). Does it really make sense for an Oracle to Mass Media or Mass Communication to market their Banking and Finance suite of product. Do they really think...

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Drbating the Skills

Are you considering hiring a B2B marketing manager, director or agency? Perhaps you’re debating the skills that the marketing team you are building will need to be successful? You’re in luck — in today’s post I share the 7 crucial skills required for the...

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